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A Change: Masks are now Recommended
4.3 The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has changed its recommendation regarding the wearing of masks. The C.D.C. now recommends that we wear nonmedical face coverings when we are in public settings. Dr. Devorah Birx warned that the masks do not replace social distancing and hand washing.

The change was made because it has been learned that the virus can be spread through the air and by people with no symptoms. Dr. Robert Atmar, an infectious disease specialist at Baylor College of Medicine, explained that the mask may not prevent a healthy person from contracting the virus, it is better than nothing––and worth it.

They won’t protect individuals from getting the virus from someone else. Masks work by stopping infected droplets spewing from the wearer’s nose or mouth, rather than stopping the acquisition of virus from others. That is why the W.H.O. and C.D.C. recommend that people already infected with the coronavirus wear masks, to protect others who may come into close contact with them.

Seniors: Don’t Forget These Help Lines
Benicia: Benicia has a Community Services phone line. Call (707) 746- 4285, Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. For seniors, staff is available to make referrals to local and Solano County non-profit organizations that have set up special services for seniors during the COVID-19 emergency. Community members are encouraged to call or email with questions. 

Solano County: The Solano County Department of Health and Social Services assists individuals in gaining access to a range of safety net support services for individuals and families experiencing hardships, and especially now by COVID-19.  These programs, including food assistance, medical insurance and cash aid for those who are eligible, are designed to ensure that all individuals and families have resources to meet their basic needs. Visit: or call:  (707) 553-5000.

4.3 Supervisor Monica Brown sends periodic updates
She focuses on services that are available and invites calls with questions.
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4.3 An Open Letter from Public Health Workers: Just Stay Home!
To save lives, we urgently need to slow the spread of the virus now. Many of our cities have put measures in place to sharply limit the spread of COVID-19. But no matter the extent of these measures, and even if you feel fine, we again implore you: Just Stay Home!

Staying home will protect both you and everyone you would otherwise come in contact with. If everyone stays home as much as possible, we will limit the spread of the virus, we will greatly reduce the number of people getting sick, and we will save many lives.  Stay home for yourselves. Stay home for your family and loved ones. Stay home for your friends. Stay home for your community. Stay home for the health and prosperity of your country.

4.3 PG&E Residential Customers to Receive Credit 
Pacific Gas and Electric Company residential customers will receive the California Climate Credit on their bills during the April billing cycle. The credit totals $62.91 for PG&E residential customers receiving both natural gas and electric service. For natural gas-only residential customers, the credit will be $27.18, and for electric-only residential customers, the credit will be $35.73.

A Reminder: Raley’s Curbside Prescription Service
Just as Raley’s offers curbside pickup for groceries, it also provides curbside pickup for prescriptions. You order and pay ahead and receive an appointment time to pick them up. You never need to get out of your car!

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