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Why should I join Carquinez Village?

For both support and stimulation! You’ll be a part of a community of older people who want to remain in their homes and have as full a life as possible.

Aging is a team sport. That’s the village philosophy. You’ll be part of a network of neighbors helping neighbors.

What specific benefits will I get?

  • Caring volunteers eager and available to help you when you need a ride somewhere, or with an errand, or just a friendly phone call.
  •  Information, entertainment, and social connection, through a Speaker Series, potlucks, and numerous opportunities to interact with others.
  • Referrals and information for available services available but beyond our scope of activity.

How do I know my membership will be worth it?

Carquinez Village is one of over 300 villages around the country. Surveys of members show that 60% feel more connected with other people, 51% have an improved quality of life, 40% are happier, and 35% say their health is better.

I’m healthy. I don’t need help. Why should I join now? As insurance. You don’t wait to buy auto insurance until you have a wreck. You never know when your situation will change. Also, it’s never too early to connect with others, learn more about the aging process, and be inspired by active older people.

Click here to email us at: or call us at 707.297.2472  
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